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The Review is in – Baker Park Campground

Memorial Day Weekend at it’s best!


Baker Park campground was full and I must say we were placed in the right loop of camp sites. We took many walks around the trails and the whole campground.

Hot Showers & Clean Restrooms


Baker Park is huge, you can choose from 205 sites, including 103 with electricity, but none with the option of water hookup. If you are more of a cabin style camper they have a few of those as well!


There isn’t much space in between the cabins and there also isn’t much inside each of them either, but for a small group it could be all you need. The Baker Park website states you can sleep up to 6 people in one of the cabins, however I felt like it would be tight quarters for our family of 7, however I do like the screened in porch. I can see myself drinking a cup of hot coffee in the morning in there. They have one cabin accessible for guests with disabilities. The cost to rent out one of the cabins is $60 a night and a $7.50 reservation fee. You can stay in the cabins until October 20th.


If you like to have more space to roam when you are camping (and not feel like you are in a parking lot) you will want to look for any site inside the “G” or “H” loops at the campground. They have electric and lots of space behind each campsite (enough room to play disc golf!).

Disc Golf is the new favorite Camping Game!


I really liked all of the sites at Baker, but other than G & H the sites tended to be on the smaller side. They were still very nice but if you have kids who want to run and make noise, you may find yourself a little cramped at some of the sites.  While it wouldn’t be a problem most of the year, many of the sites were sitting in a lot of water due to the rainy weeks we have been having here in Minnesota lately.

I have been eating a ton of S’mores!


The kids really enjoyed playing at the Baker Park Reserve playground. It has a section which was perfect for Isaiah to play on with a tuff surface. The older kids spent a lot of time playing tag and lava monster on the larger sections.


Near the playground is the lake and the beach. We didn’t go near the water this time, but last year we spent a whole day at the beach.

Beach Day?! No Thanks!


When the sun would peek out the lake looked very welcoming, however it was rare to see the sunshine this weekend. We had wind and rain throughout the 4 days we stayed at the campground.


I borrowed a friend’s Dutch Oven for the weekend. I put together a new recipe I have never tried before. It sounds so yummy – Chocolate Lovers Cake! Too bad I over cooked it and instead of loving it we had to throw it all out. Next time I will take it out before it turns into a black rock.

Burn Baby Burn!


Ruth and Jadis kept busy building birdie houses. Ruth really wants to catch a bird! I can’t tell her “You might never actually get one.” because she is so sweet tip toeing slowly closer to the little feathered creatures that I don’t want to break her spirit.

Here Birdie – Birdie


I had to make Jadis take her birdie house down due to the possibility of death if someone were to run and fall on her house! She ended up building a much nicer one with her big sister.


Ryan went to Coates RV the day before we left for camping to install our new camper LED lights. They are super cool!!!

Light Show –


Every now and then you could here people walking by stating “Look at those lights!”. I liked sitting under the canvas with the kids as they were busy putting on and off all the different colors. Ryan is going to do a full write up for you guys about the LED lights.


For all of you who don’t know me well, I love meeting new people. During one of our walks I noticed another Coates RV camper. My kids are use to me going up to random people and making conversation, so without any surprise I knocked on their camper door. It turns out Josh and Jolene just got their Coates camper on Wednesday! Grandpa and Grandma were camping right across from them this weekend. So far they love their camper!


Back at our site Ryan and Keegan started dinner…


Legos are easy to pack up and tote along on the camping trip. Isaiah got a kick out of the different animals I was building and the campers walking pass us got a laugh out of the animal sounds I was making for Isaiah!


As the night moved in the kids ran around making new friends. Ryan passed the time away sharing a cold homebrew with a camper across the way and I battled the time away trying to get Isaiah to bed.

A perfect weekend.


I had a blast at Baker Park this weekend. Next time we visit I hope it will be warm enough to use the beach front! Our next trip is a romantic getaway for two: Gooseberry Falls.

Happy Camping, Kelly

John rueben

Sunday 8th of July 2018

This is my first and last trip I'll ever make to baker park! This is independence day weekend and you can not take 10 steps in the park without having someone pulled over. I Litterally seen them breathalyze 15 people in one hour arresting one. They pull you over for no reason other than to check if you were drinking. The 3 rivers parks involvement with this is absolutely appalling. I want to feel safe camping but not harassed. #ConcernedCamper.


Thursday 27th of June 2013

Thank you, this helps us a lot! Keep the posts coming, I love the pic's and detailed information you posted. We are going to baker Park next week.