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The SunTurtle Solar Camping Lamp

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Now you have one less item to pack and that is batteries! The SunTurtle solar camping lamp was sent to us around Christmas and I had every intention of winter camping this past year, however we were unable to make time for it with our chaos of a calendar. Instead of trying the SunTurtle out in the woods I was able to use it inside where the weather was a comfortable 72° at all times.

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I was impressed that the SunTurtle was able to draw the sunlight energy from our sitting room as well as it did. It was fully charged within 3 hours! We don’t get too much for sun rays in the middle of the winter season and I also don’t get a ton of sunshine hours through the windows inside of my house, so this earned extra points on my chart.

I am already adding the SunTurtle solar lamp to my what to pack camping checklist for this year. I liked the multi levels of LED light you can choose from on the lamp. If you need a small amount to read a book in the tent you can easily do so with the first option and if you need to have a guided light to get to the restrooms in the middle of night you can choose from the next two levels. It weighs 3.53 oz, which makes this solar lamp a great addition any type of backcountry trips.

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Each night my younger kids give us thousands of reasons why they can’t fall asleep at night. In some cases I am too tired to give into their non-stop excuses for getting out of their beds. I am sure some of you can relate! The SunTurtle solar lamp has been a very handy tool for one little girl who insists she isn’t sleepy. I told her she could have the SunTurtle on low in her bed and look at her books or play with her American Girl Doll, but she could only keep it on if she stayed in her bed. It worked and the lamp doesn’t bother her older sister who sleeps in the top bunk that they share. All I did was tuck it simply on the bottom of the top bunk’s wooden panels by the SunTurtle’s flexible tri-pod ‘Flexifoot’ to give her a low light stream over her area. I can honestly say the SunTurtle has saved me hours of debating bedtime with our 5 year old!

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If you have been looking for a smaller sized solar lamp to add to your camping gear list I recommend the SunTurtle. It costs $23.95 from Earth Easy and they currently are running a free shipping deal on that product. I am excited to take it on our Boundary Waters Canoe trip this summer!!

Happy Camping – Kelly

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