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Harvest Hosts Review: Find Unique RV Camping Across North America

Need a place to park your RV overnight?

Harvest Hosts lets you stay at beautiful wineries, breweries, farms, and other businesses across the United States and Canada.

For just $79 per year (use the discount code BEYONDTHETENT to save 15%), this RV camping membership service helps you find completely unique camping experiences that are much more private than your typical RV park.

Best of all, there are no additional fees. Pay the membership cost upfront and camping at these beautiful destinations doesn’t cost a thing more!

To learn more about Harvest Hosts for RV camping, continue reading our complete Harvest Hosts review below.

What Is Harvest Hosts?

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Harvest Hosts is an RV membership program located in North America.

It helps you find unique RV camping opportunities at farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, golf courses, and other businesses across the country.

Not only are these RV camping experiences all completely unique, but many hosts take a very personal approach. You’ll likely be treated like family rather than just another guest.

Many hosts offer tours of their facilities as well as free samples of their products. Although it’s not required, you’re encouraged to purchase products from hosts whenever possible.

Even the most popular Harvest Hosts campsites usually have only a handful of overnight visitors at once. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon to be the only camper there. This makes the program ideal for those that prefer a much more private RV camping experience than most RV parks and campgrounds offer.

Harvest Hosts are located all across the country, including in Alaska. When traveling in the United States, you’ll almost always be a short drive away from a participating location. Limited Harvest Hosts are located in Canada as well as Baja Mexico.

The service is constantly expanding and adding new hosts. Only recently have they added golf courses (more than 350 total) to their ever-growing list of almost 1,500 RV camping locations.

Do note that facilities are almost never available. Don’t expect hookups or dump stations. You must be entirely self-contained so prepare for boondocking. Most locations also have rules regarding generators, such as restricting generator use to certain hours of the day.

Although anyone that enjoys RV camping will benefit from Harvest Hosts, membership is best suited for full-time RVers and others that go RVing frequently.

Check out Harvest Hosts locations before your next RV camping trip.

How Does Harvest Hosts Work?

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Sign up for the Harvest Hosts service by first paying the annual membership fee ($79 plus a 15% discount with the code BEYONDTHETENT).

You now have access to over one thousand uniquely beautiful RV camping opportunities across North America.

Browse through hosts by searching by location or with the handy map tool. You can also sort hosts based on business type, such as wineries, farms, museums and attractions, breweries and distilleries, and golf courses.

View the profiles for hosts you’re interested in. These have basic info on business type and RV accommodations as well as photos of the property.

Contact hosts that you’re interested in staying with about their availability. You can either call or email them directly, although calling is best.

Directly communicate with each individual host to figure out when to arrive. This is also when you will be given the host’s exact location.

Most hosts welcome several campers at once so availability generally isn’t an issue. However, hosts located on particularly popular routes often book up in advance, especially in the summer months.

Remember not to expect any amenities. Although some hosts do provide RV hookups, you should always plan for self-contained dry camping.

Each Harvest Host stay is only for one night or 24 hours total. Don’t expect to stay any longer than this. That said, many hosts will invite guests to stay for longer once meeting them, so always remain respectful, follow proper RV camping etiquette, and make a good first impression.

Check out the Harvest Hosts FAQ for more information.

Pros and Cons of Harvest Hosts

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Now that you know how Harvest Hosts works, let’s look at some of this membership service’s main pros and cons.

Harvest Hosts Benefits

Here are the main pros of using Harvest Hosts:

  • Affordable – The $79 annual membership fee (plus a 15% discount with the code BEYONDTHETENT) quickly pays for itself after just a few stays. Other than the membership fee, all Harvest Hosts stays are completely free.
  • Unique Experience – RV camping with Harvest Hosts is completely unique. Each location is different. Many are absolutely beautiful. None feel like any RV park or campground you’ve stayed at before.
  • Lots of Locations – Harvest Hosts now has almost 1,500 participating hosts. The majority of these are located in the contiguous United States.
  • Meet New People – Part of the allure of Harvest Hosts is the ability to connect with the hosts and other campers on an intimate level. Many hosts treat their guests like family, although you must remember they are running another main business, so their overnight visitors are not always their first priority.
  • Fun Activities – Many hosts invite guests to tour their businesses and sample their products. Consider the new +Golf Plan ($119 per year) to access more than 350 golf courses and country clubs across the country.
  • Increasing Options – Harvest Hosts is always adding new host locations into the mix.
  • Easy to Use – The tool itself is very easy to use. The map is simple and intuitive. The catch is that there is no built-in way to communicate with hosts. You must call or email them.

Harvest Hosts Drawbacks

Here are the main cons of using Harvest Hosts:

  • Boondocking – Don’t expect hookups, shower facilities, bathrooms, or other amenities with Harvest Hosts. Although some hosts do offer these, they are very few and far between. Always plan for dry camping.
  • Unresponsive Hosts – You must communicate directly with each host by phone or email. Remember that all Harvest Hosts are running another business. They aren’t always available to talk and can be unresponsive. That said, the vast majority of our experiences have been positive. Most hosts are easy to reach and coordinate with if you are persistent.
  • Limited Outside of US – Harvest Hosts is working to expand across North America, but options are currently very limited in Canada and Mexico.

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Use the discount code BEYONDTHETENT to save 15% on the already great price of $79 per year to unlock over 1,000 unique free camping opportunities with Harvest Hosts. 

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